“If we could do this by ourselves, we would have already done it.”

– Darlene Templeton

Inclined Elder: How to Rebrand Aging for Self and Society

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I just launched my Coming Soon website for my book on positive aging, THE INCLINED ELDER, at www.ramonavmoliver.com . I invite you to complete the Contact Form to receive advance notice of the publication date.

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Texas, USA

For the first time in history we are not only living longer, everyone has an important choice to make: Commit to a meaningful, purposeful life of incline as we get older, or believe that a new stage – one of steady decline is inevitable. My book is a call to action for those who opt for “incline.” Not only for their personal fulfillment, but to help fuel a social “legacy” that increases the number of positive older role models in everyday life.

What is not helping is that in the media and society generally there continues to be somewhat of a negative connotation surrounding the concept of aging. And while, at least now, we cannot do anything about the chronological process of becoming 60, 70, 80 years and beyond, we can perhaps change the mindset for it. Embracing change and looking at life with a keener sense of curiosity will lead to living with increased courage to live life to its fullest.

Read my book to learn what a life of incline looks and feels like and how you can best achieve it.

Your Chief Incliner

Ramona Oliver




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